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May 30, - sexual fantasies. Every woman on earth has fantasized about some explicit sexual fantasy that she may or may not have been too ashamed to talk about. Whether it's your girlfriend or your wife, this top ten list is sure to touch on a forbidden fantasy of her own. Although most women prefer to leave their. 10 Sexual Fantasies Many Women Want Fulfilled | Menprovement Pasqualina. Age: 22. Have you ever cum so intensely that you thought you would pass out The idea of a fantasy is that your mind explores places that the body has no intention of visiting and acting out things one might never even think of doing in real life," says psychiatrist, Dr. And to read how rewarding that is based on some of the other comments here, is just the ultimate bliss to me. Dec 22, - We asked Refinery29 staffers and readers to anonymously share their go-to sexual fantasy. "Spontaneous sex in a place where almost no people are but still public, such as at the park at night and with a woman who I am not already in a sexual relationship with. Bonus points for having our clothes still. Alda. Age: 26. I have passion for travel and happy to meet gentlemen in the city of your choice. Women's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies May 2, - Fantasy # 2. Being a visual delight. A lot of couples love being an audience to their own sexual encounters by having sex in from of a full length/ceiling mirror. "The thought of watching our own moves in the mirror always leave my heart pumping harder. Though my wife was a little apprehensive initially, but. Jan 21, - Some people believe they are unfaithful, cheating and otherwise breaking their marriage vows if they have sexual fantasies about someone other than their own spouse. Sex therapists state that having sexual fantasies, either about one's spouse or about other partners, is normal and healthy.

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Andi. Age: 27. Are you shy ? Would you meet a nice and horny girl here in Hong Kong to relax yourself Dec 9, - Cheating on your partner or spouse. Even the kindest, most loyal of partners has probably had this fantasy. Case in point, the survey revealed that nearly 70% of women had this sexual desire. Even if it's something you would never actually consider doing in real life because you would never want to hurt. Sex experts discuss the pros and cons of revealing to your partner your most private erotic fantasies. Feb 2, - Although threesomes are all too often thought of as something only men fantasize about, as sex therapist Dr. Susan Block writes, "Women are catching up as it becomes more acceptable for us to admit we'd like to be with two hot men at once, or perhaps a man and another woman." Women like to fantasize.


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