Bose 901 series 6 suck

MY FORTE ARE TWEAKING OR IMPROVING SOUND REPRODUCTION ECONOMICALLY. I AM FORMER OWNER AND USER OF BOSE SERIES 2 AND "STACKED" SERIES V. The arguements made by some critics of bose do have merit and so does the SUPPORT of those who own and praise. BOSE seriously - Zinaida. Age: 24. “You are nothing like anyone I have ever met”, said Everyone that has ever met me A few spots of blu-tack between the speakers and a pair of inch Sound Anchor stands up the game, yielding tighter and more resolute bass response as well as a greater sense of pinpoint imaging across the soundstage. Dec 9, - I picked up 2 pair of the Series II for what I thought was an awesome deal, great condition, no EQ, paid $ what ignorance looks like" Because they are obviously only parroting other's opinion the cases they make for why the sucks simply aren't true in many cases and in other cases they show  Bose IV Advice. Sandy. Age: 20. I offer great sensational private time full of passion. I also offer gfe, i am extremely polite and a bundle of fun, i can provide attentive company, dinner dates, drinks, shopping trips, you may also take me to upcoming events arm in arm as your sexy elegant companion. I am an extremely great listener for those who wish for a little tlc. BOSE 901 (seriously) you use any series active equalizer with any of the series? I recently Unfortunately, the man is right, the s suck. Bose never really took off as domestic speakers in the UK -- perhaps in part due to poor reviews and perhaps thanks to their poor reaction to criticism in the UK hifi press. The third product i want to talk about are the bose The is a spectacular speaker, of course, i would not pay € for a new series 6 pair, but you can buy older series, like series 2 and 3, for about dollars (used ones). They sound just so natural and "in your chest", almost like hearing a live.

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Vicky. Age: 29. PARIS : 12th October - 24th October ! Feb 24, - I used to own the Series IV. I asked a Bose representative if I could upgrade them by replacing just the equalizer. His answer was no, that would make them spikier. Each generation of EQ is optimized to each generation of speaker. However, as I pointed out before, there is relatively little difference. Apr 10, - Therefore, he gave me a pair of Bose 's with the Bose EQ all in the box. I couldn't wait to get rid of them and just The sub was a 6 1/2" unit. The cabinet construction is poor to say the There car stereos, headphones, boom boxes all suck and are way overpriced. I could never figure out why anyone. I personally am a Bose fan. Love the older gear. Had series VI's 's but swapped them out with a set of V's the I restored myself. I find the VI's to be too boomy. Here ( is a thread about my rebuild here at TH. In my experiences with 's they sound better suspended.


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