Piss in the holy water

Dec 14, - He asked, "What did you do?" She answered him, "I peed in the holy water!!!" I remembered this joke the other day when I was changing Andrew and after I changed his diaper, I changed his clothes. As I was snapping up his outfit I felt his diaper and I asked him, "Did you already pee in your new diaper?!! Vandals pee in holy water of Catholic church - The Local Sadie. Age: 28. huge kiss Other questions not asked in good faith - such as putting a rant or hate towards any group in the form of a question. Apr 18, - Does anyone else hear the Unclean Spirits say "I PISS IN YOUR HOLY WATER." For YEARS now I've wondered if there were any hidden messages in Voodoo and shit myself MANY a time listening to the track backwards listening for any words. My friend got the remastered vinyl and he hears it quite. Hope. Age: 23. If your area is not listed email for info If I piss in holy water? Dec 11, - Piss In Holy Water by DIAVOLOS, released 11 December Jul 28, - Vandals broke into a Catholic church in North Rhine-Westphalia and peed into the bowl of holy water, the police announced on Thursday.

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Kathy. Age: 27. Passionate girl looking to have fun and play Jan 8, - Your friend is not a good friend, he is lying. In fact, his claim is close to blasphemy. I assume his father is not a catholic priest. Being blessed does not make you holy. Holy means set aside for GODs use. Mar 31, - Corey. Your urine is probably cleaner. While urine is not completely sterile, so called holy water often comes from filthy rivers or is sitting out where a bunch of people stick their filthy hands in it. I wouldn't drink either, though. "Holy" water has a bunch of bacteria from fecal matter, and urine has urea in it. No, the pope can not summarily bless all the waters of the world and sanctify them as holy. In Catholic tradition, holy water is still water, held in a vessel of varying sorts. The Pope himself is not required to bless holy water, as many members of the clergy may bless water for a range of daily duties.


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