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My name is Angelica Rowens. You could call me a rebel, you could call me an angel. I don't give a damn. I slid my iPod into my pocket, and gave myself a once-over in the mirror. Dress code busting shorts, nearly transparent cami, hot pink push-up bra. I looked sexy. And I loved it. Being a C cup really had its perks. I was a. Daddy's Spanking Chair - BDSM - Betty. Age: 21. Hello Gentlemen!! I am excited to be here Show me who I belong to. Will looking at my woman's body get you excited? Look at me Daddy. I'm a grown woman with a woman's body." Her smug look told him that she really thought she had him where she wanted him. Never taking his hand from her chin, he smiled back at her. "Yes my darling, you are a grown woman. And I do notice that you have grown a lot since I had to spank you last. Lucrezia. Age: 28. My name is Katrin, I'm visiting from Germany, I cater to gentlemen who desire GFE or PSE Spank Me, Daddy When my ass is red and burning from his spanking and my pussy dripping for his cock, daddy pulls a coin out of his pocket and flips it. Heads means he fucked my pussy; tails means he fucks my ass. I have to have both my holes ready for daddy to use any time and anywhere. I don't have a say in what he does with me. Then Sharon broke the ice by telling me about how school was going. She could tell by my answers that I was still angry. Sharon took a few bites of her food and slammed her fork down on the table. "Daddy! When I was little, you would stay angry with me until you punished me. I hated waiting for you to spank me.

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Ruby. Age: 22. If you looking for a beautiful and classy companion to spend some a quality time with, when look no furtner ! He began to spank me. At first it was like he had done when we were young; but the second slap was harder and the third even harder. Stopping momentarily to pull my legs apart, he next put the fingers from his other hand in my ass crack, separating my butt cheeks. He then lowered his 'spanking' hand so that I could feel. He gets up and walks behind me. "You only fuck your brother. Is that what a good girl does? No, baby doll, they don't." He pushes me into the couch and slides my skirt off along with my thong. I start to cry harder. "I didn't tease any boys Daddy, I swear it." He rubs my ass and then starts spanking me with the paddle. I yell in. My last spanking story. It's about Daddy spanking me.


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