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Jan 24, - It can feel like everyone is obsessed with talking about losing your virginity. Here's the truth 13 Things No One Tells You About Losing Your Virginity That's when a guy gets his erection, and also when your vagina lubricates to prepare your body for sex (because no lubrication = friction = pain). But the. How painful is losing your VIRGINITY? - The Student Room Julianna. Age: 24. you can be assured that you will feel comfortable in my presence. That's why should save yourself for marriage. Apr 25, - That said, it should still be overall pleasurable — not painful. And especially if you feel any pain while trying penetration for the first time, ADD LUBE. "One of the things that's a good predictor of whether you'll regret it later or whether you'll enjoy it is who you lose your virginity with and whether that. Leigh. Age: 27. Don't miss out on Vegas' best kept secret! 7 Myths About Losing Your Virginity, Debunked With proper foreplay, it will stretch even further and there should be very little, if any, pain. There may be a little bleeding or discomfort (everyone is different). Generally, though, the pain and discomfort people associate with losing your virginity is due to lack of proper foreplay and nerves. Being nervous will  What did losing your virginity feel like? Losing your virginity is highly personal and, obviously, it's different for everyone. Every experience is unique.

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Alaina. Age: 18. Hello gentleman Jan 22, - Okay. I'm still a virgin and everything. But i wanted to ask does who've lost their virginity on how it feels. Like how much pain it really is. I really wanna know how it feels so i know what im gonna get myself into when i do loose it. This topic is answered by a medical expert. Feb 4, - It was painful and not all that fun to be honest. But that's not what I'm here to blab on about. I want to let you in on 14 things that nobody tells you about losing your virginity in your twenties. Whether high school is almost over, or you're in college and can see your the big two-zero approaching, or you're.


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