Oil cooler mg midget

I understand what an oil cooler does but who would really need one? If I was interested in driving long miles at a time, like to the 50 MG event, or maybe someone racing? Its the cost/benefit really worth it and what size is best for long distance driving?Oil cooler hook up help needed. Oil cooler - routing hoses () | MG Midget and Sprite Technical | goia.info Gigi. Age: 30. Hello Dear Gentleman I bought the 'correct' bracket from MOSS to mount the cooler in front of the radiator and ran the pipes through the two sets of holes in the splash panel on the right hand side - don't forget to use the grommets which are a bugger to fit. Even if it's to say I wasted my money lol! These will also work with a or but may be a bit large for some climates so you may want to ask about a 10 row cooler with the kit. Great quality kit made in the UK. These costs can range from none to over 40% of the value of the item. | eBay! Stacey. Age: 22. Three words,elegance,exclusive,premium quality MG Midget and Sprite Technical Oil cooler fitment BBS discussion at MG-Cars.info Jul 17, - Hi, I am thinking about fitting an oil cooler to my mk3 midget. The engine is producing around 90bhp and I suspect that the oil is getting a little too warm. I would like to fit an oil thermostat too. I have heard that the Mocal thermostats open too soon at about 80C. Is this too soon and what options do I. Jun 24, - Hello BBS This is a continuation of another thread on oil pressure, thought I'd split it up to keep things organised. Basically, we are discussing where to route the oil cooler pipes. The kit comes with 2 grommets to route the pipes through the bodywork. But, 1. I don't want to drill through anything.

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Jillian. Age: 23. Info on rates and more pics on demand.. Jul 27, - Ok, I'm too lazy and tired to go through the archives and a simple answer is all I'm looking for here and if there's any cautionary notes from personal experience, that's ok too. It has been suggested that I install an oil cooler for my midget. There's no complete kit for the unlike the but there's. This kit includes an adapter plate that bolts to the engine between the block and the original filter head. Also included are two rubber hoses, mounting hardware, and universal mounting brackets for the oil cooler, which is not included. (Note that this kit will not work with the Moss spin-on oil filter adapter.) Oil cooler radiators. In modern traffic conditions, especially on long motorway journeys, engines tend to run at high speeds for long periods, causing the oil to thin and a reduction in pressure may occur. The fitting of an oil cooler will help prevent the thinning of the oil and prevent possible engine damage. Our oil cooler Installation kits are.


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