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Feb 25, - I Just Wanna Fuck You Lyrics: Have a couple drinks then dinner then I dessert you / Does that mean imma hurt you or does that mean imma work you / I can't promise that imma be yours but I fuck you till you. Pain Lyrics - Bye / Die Leonora. Age: 27. Ashley is a beautiful and charming companion Smoke The Pain Away [Hook] Wanna feel my pain. Wanna feel my pulse. If a fuck nigga try me go insane. I'm a set it off. I'm a fuck shit up. I'm a knock shit down. I'm with my dogs. Midnight be the set but it's still fuck Where the fuck your law. What the fuck y'all want (x2) [Bridge] You niggas fake you niggas fake to me. It don't matter what you say. Destiny. Age: 24. Hello guys! "Shameless" lyrics Fuck away the pain, erase him from your brain. Fake it like you love me, Come on baby touch me. Show me where it hurts, this dirty little curse. Don't have to be ashamed if you wanna scream my name. While I fuck away the pain. You hate the way he fooled around behind your back. A slave to him but now with me. She Don't Wanna FUCK Wit Me [Chorus´╝ÜKris Kaliko and One Ton] She don't wanna fuck with me It's killin me slowly She don't need the love anymore Being in my lon. Why don't you ever wanna listen to my missin while I'm giving you a kiss? Can you see what I Think I'm in denial, think about the pain and I feel hostile.

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Devyn. Age: 21. To find out more about me and if we are a great match, please see my website www I think it-s time for you to understand: this is war. There's nothing to see here, I don't wanna be here. Get me out of here right now. I can not sit around and wait for you to drive me insane. Bye bye, why don't you go and. Die die, I'll fuck you up. You want me on my knees but I'm not going down. Bye bye, leave me alone or. But I wanna cry about it so bad, so bad. And I don't know what to tell you. As you said you made up your mind. And I don't know how to get on. We're walking on too many lies. And if we keep telling these lies. The pain would be harder to bare. Instead of pretending we care, Lets just say Fuck it, fuck it. You don't want peace. Though you want more, I'm not ready to open that door, I just want you to drop your pants to the floor. Cause I'm a little scared of commitment, but tonight I'm committed to your body [Chorus:] Cause I just wanna fuck and not fall in love. I'm over all the pain that love can bring. Tonight I want sex that doesn't mean a thing.


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